Do-It CNC Fat Fork Worm Molds

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Fat bodied and with a forked tail, this bait’s profile gives it the appearance of a bulky minnow/shiner or small shad.  Vertical jigging, drop-shotting, and casting are just a few of the applications where this bait excels.  This mold pumps out fish ready fat forks that will match up perfectly with your favorite jigs.  Fat Forks are great baits for fishing crappies in a brush pile on a bat jig or on a roundhead jig for spider rigging, not to mention a variety of other species that showed a propensity for the Fat Fork during our extensive testing process.  Rigged on the right head, the streamlined forked tail of the bait make it an excellent glider giving a slow fall which can trigger strikes.  Give the fish something they haven’t seen before and try out the Fat Fork mold today!

2.75 in is a 4 Cavity Mold
4 in and 5 in are 2 Cavity Molds