Do-It CNC Carrot Worm Molds

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Based on the success of the smaller Carrots on all species of fish, we are introducing them in larger sizes. During testing we used it on a jig head, Texas rigged, with a split shot and drop shot.  We caught Black Bass, Sand Bass and White Bass, others have reported Walleye as well.

Bottom line, it looks like a minnow and has great minnow like action.  The Carrot should produce all types of fish that forage on bait fish.  Consider the Carrot as a go to bait if you just want to catch fish.

3.5" - 10 Cavity Mold
4" - 8 Cavity Mold
5" - 4 Cavity Mold
6" - 4 Cavity Mold
7" - 4 Cavity Mold