Lead Melting Pots, Ladles and Accessories

Lee Precision primarily produces equipment for ammunition reloading, but their lead melting pots and accessories have been the standard for pouring fishing lure and weights decades. We stock Lee melting pots for 110v and 220v applications, with capacities ranging from 4 to 20 pounds. Our range of Lee melting pots includes bottom-pour pots and standard lead melting pots for use with ladles. We also offer traditional cast iron and steel pots. 

For most applications, we recommend using only pure lead. We offer pure lead in 2 1/2 pound increments. Pure, high-quality lead can also be found at most hardware stores and plumbing suppliers. Wheel weights SHOULD NOT be used for melting/pouring lead lures and weights, as they contain high levels of impurities that can damage or ruin melting pots.