Lee 20Lb. Lead Melting Pot 110 Volt Model *LIMITED AVAILABILITY*


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Large Diameter 20 lb. Capacity Lead Melting Pot. Bottom Dispensing. Adjustable Flow Control. Variable Temperature Control. 4 Inch Clearance Under Pot. 110 Volt, 700 Watt Tubular Heating Element.

Bottom pour pots are not recommended for pouring lead items that weigh more that 3oz. The lead solidifies quickly and the item will have creases or layers. They are also not recommended for molds that require wires to protrude from the top.

110 volt model for use in the U.S.

This pot is for use with LEAD ONLY.
Use only pure lead as the spout may clog otherwise.
DO NOT USE WHEEL WEIGHTS! Wheel weights will ruin the pot.