Do-It CNC Small Fry Worm Molds

$17.99 - $140.00
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The Small Fry is an "action" profile bait with a very unique stinger tail. The tail is triangle shaped tapering from the body to almost nothing. The unique shape of the tail gives it a realistic profile, while also allowing maximum resistance and action from the taper.

The 1" is a 16 cavity injection mold.
The 1.75" is a 12 cavity injection mold.
The 1.75" Production mold is a 24 cavity mold.
The 2.25" is a 12 cavity injection mold.
The 2.5" is a 12 cavity injection mold.
The 3.5" is a 10 cavity injection mold.

Small Fry Lamination Plates let you pour laminated (2-color) Small Fry worms. Simply clamp the plate onto the mold to pour your first color. Then, once the mold has cooled, remove the plate, close and clamp your mold, then pour your second color. Please note that the 1.75" and 2.25" Small Fry molds DO NOT USE the same lamination plate.