Createx Airbrush Paint

Createx Airbrush Paints are the most popular airbrush paints in the world. Available in a broad range of colors for almost any application, it's no surprise that Createx paints are the preferred paint for fishermen painting lures. 

Createx Airbrush Colors are an excellent choice for fishermen just starting to paint their own lures. Airbrush Colors are value-priced, versatile, and highly forgiving, with binders that allow the paint to lock onto surfaces without oversaturating or bleeding. Createx Airbrush Colors contain high pigment loads for quick coverage that minimizes the need for multiple coats.

Createx Wicked Colors are unmatched, no-compromise airbrush paints. They're ideal for any hard surface, including wood or plastic lure bodies. Wicked Colors contain pigments that are ground finer than those in Airbrush colors, and Wicked Colors have a higher resin load, so they can be reduced further for additional transparency without losing detail on hard surfaces like lure bodies.