Createx Airbrush Paint Wicked Hi-Lite / Sparkle Colors


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Bottle Size:
2oz. Bottle

Createx Wicked paints are multi-surface, water-based airbrush paints that work great on almost any lure.

Wicked Hi-Lite and Hot Rod Sparkle Colors consist of pearl flakes in a transparent base. Spray over a white or pearl white base to create colors like Monkey Milk. Spray over similar base colors (Hi-Lite Green over a green base, for example) to add a shifting pearl effect. Hot Rod Sparkle colors are similar to Hi-Lite colors, but with larger pearl flakes for a more noticeable effect. 

Wicked Hi-Lite Airbrush Colors spray transparent out of the bottle. Apply with a .5mm or larger airbrust tip size. Thin with Createx 4011 reducer for increased transparency and improved flow with smaller airbrush tip-sizes. Mix with Createx 4030 Balancing Clear for improved flow and adhesion.

This product is water based and may freeze during shipping. If you are going to have temperatures below freezing in your 10 day forecast please do not order this product. Barlow's is not responsible for breakage due to freezing.

*NOTE - USPS postal regulations do not permit this item to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Internationally.