Premium Nickel Colorado Blades with Eye Socket Sizes 3.5 - 4.5

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Blade Finish:
Blade Surface:

Premium finish nickel colorado blades with an eye socket stamped into the blade for adding adhesive eyes. The 3-D eyes are a great addition to these blades. We recommend that you top coat the eye with clear vinyl paint or some other clear top coat to add durability to the eye.

All blade sizes use a 1/4" adhesive lure eye. Please review the below specifications carefully, as actual blade sizes vary by manufacturer.

Blade Size Length
in Inches
in Millimeters
Length in Tenths of
an Inch
Please Note: All lengths are approximate.
3.5 1 25 1.0
4 1 1/4 32 1.25
4.5 1 3/8 34 1.35