Do-It Flippin Weedless Jig Mold 60 Degree Hook Model

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473060 / FLIP-3-AY
Lead Mold Style:
Weedless Jig Mold

Weedless flippin jig mold with snag resistant jig design. Mold in the weed guard bundles or glue them in later if you use the base hole pins when molding the jig heads. Base hole pins are included with the mold. Mold is designed for an Eagle Claw 730 Hook, but nearly all 60-degree hooks will fit this mold.

Insert Collar Cavities Cavity Size (in ounces)
Hook Sizes
FLIP-3-AY FG-30 Ball 3 1/4 3/8 1/2
3/0 4/0 5/0

The following hooks will fit this mold:
Mustad 32786BLN Mustad 32786BR Mustad 32786DR Eagle Claw 730
Eagle Claw L730BP Eagle Claw 410 Eagle Claw 413 Gamakatsu 2034
Gamakatsu 291 Gamakatsu 2014 Sohumi 114 Daiichi 4633
Owner 5304 Owner 5317