Teflon Base Hole Pins for Do-It Weedless Jig Molds

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Still using metal base hole pins? Make the switch to Teflon! High temperature Teflon pins can be used in place of the metal pins. Powder paint won't stick to the Teflon, and Teflon pins can be re-used many times. You can mold a jig head, dip coat it in the powder paint, and cure the paint without ever removing the Teflon pin from the jig head. The Teflon pin can be then removed, cured paint simply rubbed off the Teflon pin, and it can be re-used. This is a simple, effective way to make powder painting weedless jig heads easier.

Powder painting weedless jig heads is difficult with the nylon weed guards molded into the jig head as the nylon does not withstand the temperature needed to cure the powder paint very well. This problem can be solved by using these Teflon pins. These pins can be used if you want to mold a weedless jig head with a hole for the weed guard and glue the weed guard in after curing the paint.

The process for using these pins is as follows. The jig head is molded with the Teflon pin in the mold. Then you paint the jig heads with the Teflon pin in place. After painting remove the pin before curing in the oven. The weed guard is then glued into the jig head with epoxy glue or super glue after curing the paint. This gives you a clean jig head with no powder paint on the nylon fiber. The problem here is removing the powder paint from the metal base hole pin so it can be re-used.

Teflon pins are available in 2 sizes. 1/8 for use in molds that use fg-30 fiber bundles, and 5/32 for use in molds that use fg-40 fiber bundles.