Do-It CNC Ribbon Tail Worm Molds

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You have to see this bait in person to truly appreciate it.  Even then, you won't believe what it looks like in the water.  The body is cut with at a V angle to create maximum resistance on the fall.  The tail on this worm moves effortlessly, with practically no weight.  It has such a tantalizing motion it could be used as a swim worm.

The 7" worm measures approximately 7" on the fall or retrieve, and 4.75" at rest.
The 10" worm measures approximately 10" on the fall or retrieve, and 7" at rest.

The 7" mold is a 2 cavity mold.
The 10" mold is a 1 cavity mold.

Ribbon Tail Worm Tail molds produce tails only. Buy this mold if you want to make different-colored tails with your Ribbon Tail Worm mold. Please note that each size ribbon tail worm uses a different size tail mold.