PEAK Jurassic Series Vises

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Warning-Prop-65 Warning

PEAK’s Large Iron Retention System (LIRS) is aimed at solving the problems faced when trying to tie on hooks with large wire diameters and long shanks, which often requires the use of heavy threads. The large stable pedestal base included with the JS1-G2 will hold this tool where you place it, and the non-marking feet protect the surface you set it on. For additional stability, the base also comes with two mounting holes that will accept up to 5/16” fasteners to mount the base to your tying bench. The steel base is powder coated white for a surface that will last and provides a backdrop you can see your materials against. The base also includes an integrated hook/bead pocket with rounded edges for ease of removal, and our 3/8″ accessory shaft mounting holes (accessory shaft not included).  The base is designed to accommodate the 1/2″ vise riser shaft of the JS series products, which is locked in place with a large comfort-grip hand knob.

The JS1-G2 Pedestal and JS1-C1 Clamp vises accept hook wires up to .195″ in diameter.

The JS2-G2 Pedestal and JS2-C1 Clamp vises accept hook wires up to .134″ in diameter.

PEAK also offers replacement heads, allowing you to convert your JS1 product to a JS2 product or JS2 product to a JS1 product. This gives you the ability to increase the range of hook sizes you can tie without having to purchase a whole new vise.

If you prefer a horizontal handle to a vertical handle, PEAK’s D-Arm is the accessory for you. Easily assembled with the included tool, this rotating handle will “turbo-charge” your tying. The freely rotating shaft allows you to rotate your vise without having the handle spin in your fingers.

 728430 JS1-G2 Pedestal Vise for hook wires up to 0.195″ in dia. 
 728431  JS1-C1 Clamp Vise for hook wires up to 0.195″ in dia.
 728432  JS1-HD  Conversion from 0.195" to 0.134".
 728433  JS2-G2 Pedestal Vise for hook wires up to 0.134″ in dia.
 728434  JS2-C1  Clamp Vise for hook wires up to 0.134″ in dia.
 728435  JS2-HD Conversion from 0.134" to 0.195". 
 728407  ARM-D  D-Arm accessory