Nova Stone Double Dazzle Glitter Paint - 2oz. Bottle

Nova Stone

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2oz. Bottle
Warning-Prop-65 Warning

The Multi-Color Nova Stone Double Dazzle Glitter Paint will make your jigs sparkle! No pigment here...just glitter. Brilliant, super sparkly glitter. Every color features at least two glitter colors, so you can paint jig heads in popular colors like Junebug, Plum Sapphire, and Pimp Daddy. 2oz. Bottle by weight.

If you've used powder paint, you can use Nova Stone paints. Apply them as you would any other powder paint. Just heat your jig and dip. We suggest finishing with a clear coat to seal in the glitter and make your jigs POP! Expect some glitter to flake off over time if a top coat is not used. For extra durability, cure at 350 degrees (F) for 15 to 18 minutes.