Glow Glitter - 2oz. Bottle


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2oz. by Volume

Show the fish something they've never seen before! Our glow glitter adds bright, glowing pinpoints of color to your soft baits and lures. Glow glitter can be charged with sunlight or any direct source of light. For the brightest, longest-lasting glow, use a UV flashlight to charge your baits prior to use. At .040" in flake size, our glow glitter is the perfect size for soft baits or lure top coats. We've tested it up to 350 degrees (F) in liquid plastic with no sign of degradation.

When using glow glitter in plastic baits, we recommend adding the glitter after your liquid plastic has turned clear. Glow glitter is heat resistant, but may still be damaged by prolonged exposure to excessive heat. Glitter can also be added to clear paint or epoxy and applied to lure bodies, blades, etc.

Glow glitter is packaged in 2 ounce bottles by volume. Some settling may occur.