Do-It CNC Glade Grub Mold

$45.00 - $72.00
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The Glade Grub is a twin tail bait specifically designed for working heavy cover like grass, stumps, rocks and around boat docks. The tails are beveled giving it an incredible action on the fall and retrieve, regardless of how fast or slow it is moving. No fish will be able to resist this bait on the fall with super light weight. I would recommend as light a weight as the wind, water depth, and your patience will allow. Don't limit this bait to a jig. I would absolutely fish it on a split shot, Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, or on a drop shot.

To most, Grubs aren't sexy, they're an old school bait. With that said, I honestly have trouble calling this a grub, because it is much, much more. The bottom line is this is one of those baits that just flat out produces.