Do-It CNC Caney Creek Croaker Frog Molds

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This frog is a FREAK.  Designed from the ground up, the Caney Creek Croaker is modeled after a boat hull.  The front rides very high providing an almost instantaneous pop to the top.  The overly round belly prevents roll.  If it does somehow get upside down all you have to do is stop your retrieve and it will roll back over.  The rear of the Croaker models a twin pad design, with a concave section to trap air and increase water agitation while retrieved.  The rear also has an even lower section that acts like a rudder, making it run straight, but also creates what would best be described as a subtle chine walk.  Overall it produces a true running bait with unique water agitation and sound.

Injecting recommendations:  This mold works great as a two color mold.  Pour whatever color belly you want, stopping below the injection gate.  Let the plastic firm slightly, close, clamp and slowly inject your top color as normal.  For a super realistic feel use a medium-soft plastic and then quickly dip just the body in a hard plastic. 

Please note that the Belly Only mold is an open pour mold with 6 cavities for making a different color belly for the Croaker frog.