Chameleon Glitter - 2oz. Bottle


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2oz. Bottle (by Volume)
Warning-Prop-65 Warning

This is the wildest glitter you've ever seen! Chameleon glitter changes as it moves, shifting from one brilliant color to another. It's the perfect complement to our color shift paints and pigments. At .040" in flake size, Chameleon glitter is just the right size for soft baits and lure top coats. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our chameleon glitter is heat resistant, but it won't tolerate heat as well as our other glitters. If you're using chameleon glitter in soft baits, we recommend adding it after your plastic is up to temperature and ready to pour. Reheating plastic with chameleon glitter already in it may cause the glitter to discolor or degrade.

Chameleon glitter is packaged in 2 ounce bottles by volume. Some settling may occur.