JigSkinz - Small

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For use on new or old used lures, slabs or jigs. JigSkinz are an  incredible shrink wrap innovation  that allows retrofitting, refurbishing and customization of any well used lure or new unpainted lure body. Simply shrink a Jigskinz lure skin over the top of any lure using only hot water to customize and make it better than new!

Just remove the hardware from the old lure, fit the Jigskinz and dip in boiling water. Re-install the hardware and the lure is good to go. If you are going to use this on a new unpainted lure body we recommend that you clear coat the body to ensure it is water tight.

JigSkinz Length (inches) Width (inches)
Small 5.1 1.4
Medium 6.1 1.9
Large 7.9 2.1
Extra-Large 9 2.6
ProSkinz Length (inches) Width (inches)
Small  2.8 1.4 
Medium 1.7 
Large 3.5 
Extra-Large 5.5  1.7