Do-It Crescent Sinker Molds

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Shaped like a crescent moon and designed as an in-line sinker, the Crescent Sinker acts as a keel to prevent rotation and line twists. Optional swivels may be added to each brass wire eye for added performance.

Stock Number Model Number Required
Cavities Cavity Size in Ounces
471180 CR-4-AB #1 Eye #7 Crane Swivel
#2 B-Chain
4 1 1.5 2 3
471181 CR-45B #2 Eye 1/0 Crane Swivel
#3 B-Chain
2 4oz.  and 5oz.
471182 CR-6B #2 Eye 1/0 Crane Swivel
#3 B-Chain
1 6oz.