Do-It CNC Mo Magic Worm Molds

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There is no doubt that most anyone who has seen or worked with a Carrot mold has thought or commented on its simplistic design and ease of use. (foolproof if you will). Ingenuity however can come from the most interesting places, as a number of us came to realize at this forum’s “get together” this past January when one certain member brought with him a Carrot mold that he had modified into one of the most fishable baits any in attendance and seen in a good long while. We would consider it a very versatile bait that will draw any one of a number of species and is made in some sizes that will catch fish. We could not be more pleased and happy for his sharing it with everyone, and at long last, it is now time to release it to the rest of the world… Thank you Mr. Terry (MO QWACK)

While the smaller sizes are proven in the Panfish world, the larger version is aimed squarely at finesse fishing larger fish. Largemouth, Walleye, Redfish, & Striper will all be enticed by the larger body size and super swimming action of the 6” Mo Magic bait.

2.5" Mo Magic Worm - 1/4" in Diameter - 12 Cavity Mold

3" Mo Magic Worm - 5/16" in Diameter - 12 Cavity Mold

4" Mo Magic Worm - 7/16" in Diameter - 8 Cavity Mold

6" Mo Magic Worm - 1/2" in Diameter - 4 Cavity Mold

8" Mo Magic Worm - 1/2" in Diameter - 4 Cavity Mold