Do-It CNC Mad Dad Craw Molds

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We love this craw. The Mad Dad Craw is an "action" craw. It provides a realistic profile when pitching, but start to retrieve it and the claws flap like crazy. If you're a fan of active claws, you will love the action of the Mad Dad. It's the perfect size for jig trailers, or for fishing alone as a Texas or Carolina Rig.

Mad Dad Claw Molds produce claws only. Buy this mold if you want to make different-colored claws with your Mad Dad Craw mold.
Mad Dad Lamination Plates let you pour laminated (2-color) craws. Simply clamp the plate onto the mold to pour your first color. Then, once the mold has cooled, remove the plate, close and clamp your mold, then pour your second color.