BoneHead Tackle Brush Glider - 2"

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Pack Size:
16 Count Pack

The BoneHead Tackle Brush Glider has proven to be highly effective for catching bigger crappie. It's ridged body has a non slip ribbed back which generates a better hook set. The body also has a wide profile which makes for a highly visible target from crappie below. We can't forget about the wonderfully versatile beaver tail that promotes a gliding or fluttering action as it falls slowly. The tail can also be split by hand to simulate a swimming action the crappie can't resist. It's durable soft plastic is the right hardness for prolonged use. This is a bait you'll definitely need in your arsenal.

Features: Wide body profile, Ridged body design, Versatile beaver tail and Durable soft Plastic.

Please Note:  Glow in the Dark photos were taken under a UV glow light.