Standard Colors for Liquid Plastic


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**PLEASE NOTE: MF Manufacturing are moving their production facilities from Texas to Oklahoma. Unfortunately, this has resulted in limited availability for many of their products. At this time, we do not know when they will resume production. We hope to have MF products back in stock soon.**

Liquid color can be used with any liquid plastic to add color and vibrance. Liquid color can be added at any time during the melting process. Using more liquid color will produce a darker bait, while using less color will produce a lighter bait. We recommend starting with 15 to 20 drops of color per cup of plastic and adding additional color until the desired shade is achieved.

MF Standard Colors are made with dye. These colors tend to be transparent, though they will become more opaque as more color is used. Because they are made with dye, standard liquid colors will bleed, meaning the color will, over time, seep onto other nearby colors and materials. For example, using MF Standard Strawberry coloring for the tail of a white worm will eventually lead to the red of the tail "bleeding" onto the white portion of the worm, turning it pink. MF Non-Bleed Liquid Color should be used if color-fastness is desired. 

Please Note: Some liquid colors are heat activated and will appear different after heating. Liquid color is used for coloring liquid plastic. It will not work on finished soft baits.

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