Glass Sandblast Beads

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Pack Size:
1 Pound Bottle
Warning-Prop-65 Warning

Glass sandblasting beads are a great alternative to salt when you need to alter the sink rate of your poured plastic worms. Glass sandblasting beads won't cloud or weaken poured worms like salt can.

Our glass beads are 150 to 211 microns in diameter (MIL 8) -- big enough that they won't cloud your baits, but small enough that they're less likely to damage injectors. We recommend starting with 1 ounce of glass beads per 4 ounces of liquid plastic, then adjust the ratio until you're satisfied with your sink rate.


Glass sandblasting beads, even unused beads like ours, can damage liquid plastic injectors with prolonged use. Our glass beads are round, so they're less likely to damage injectors than crushed or used sandblasting beads. When using sandblasting beads, it is not unusual for them to leave small scratch marks on the interior walls and pistons of injectors, though actual damage is far less likely. BARLOW'S CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE TO LIQUID PLASTIC INJECTORS WHEN USING GLASS SANDBLASTING BEADS.