Do-It Midwest Finesse Jig Mold Starter Kit

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Get started molding your own jig heads with our Midwest Finesse jig mold starter kit! Our starter kit includes the Do-It Midwest Finesse Jig mold (model MFJ-6-A), wire keeper inserts, and a full assortment of hooks to try! It's enough to mold your first 70 jig heads! 

The Midwest Finesse jig mold is a 6 cavity mold, with 1 cavity each of the following sizes: 1/16 oz, 3/32 oz, 1/8 oz, 5/32 oz, 3/16 oz, and 1/4 oz.

Here's everything you get in the kit:

PLEASE NOTE: Hooks provided with kit may vary based on availability. Hook selections are made based on broadest application and may not fit every mold cavity.

Item Size Quantity
Do-It Midwest Finesse Jig Mold N/A 1
WB400 Wire Keeper Insert N/A 100
Owner 5313 Jig Hook 1/0 10
Gamakatsu 114 Jig Hook 2/0 10
VMC 7147 Jig Hook 1/0 25
Mustad 32746 Jig Hook 1/0 25