Do-It CNC Swim Shad Molds

$17.25 - $97.95
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Worm Mold Style:
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Swim Bait

The Swim Shad is a great Swim Bait.  Do-It tested and tweaked this bait over a couple weeks prior to giving it the final stamp of approval.  It is a consistent producer by itself, or on an umbrella rig. 

The 3.5" Swim Shad measures approximately 3.5" in the mold and around 4" swimming.
The 4.5" Swim Shad measures approximately 4.5" in the mold and close to 5" swimming.

Available in  the original tail or thin swim tail.  They look the same, only the thickness of the tail is different. 

The original tail is slightly thicker and puts off a heavier thump when retrieved.  The thin swim tail is slightly thinner than the original to allow the same action on the fall and with a slower retrieve.