Vinyl Paint - Super Glow

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Pack Size:
4 Oz. Bottle

Super Glow vinyl paint will glow their true colors up to 5 times brighter and twice as long as standard glow paints. More intensity means less recharging and greater attraction in dark conditions. Glow paints use a phosphorescent glow pigments and require charging with a light source to produce a glow.

Please Note: Super Glow vinyl paint is usually very "thick" due to the additional glow pigment added to the paint. Barlow's recommends that you purchase super glow vinyl paint thinner to adjust the paint to the desired thickness. Additionally, Pro-Tec recommends Seal Coat for use as a top. Other top coats, including clear vinyl paint, may react with the Super Glow paint.

Notes for using Super Glow Vinyl Paint

For maximum brightness always apply over a white base coat. Because super glow paint is very heavy due to the nature of its pigment, the paint will have a tendency to drip more than the standard vinyl paints. Since maximum brightness depends greatly on the thickness of the paint coat, rotate lures to keep dripping to a minimum.

While dipping , stir the paint often to keep the heavy glow pigment from settling. Thin as little as possible. Thinner paint means faster dropout of the pigment.

Super glow paints can be sprayed by thinning between 20% - 30%. Thin only with super glow thinner. All other thinners will ruin the paint. Thin only the amount you are going to use.

*NOTE - USPS postal regulations do not permit this item to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Internationally.