Vinyl Paint - Regular Colors - 4oz. Bottles

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Pack Size:
4 Oz. Bottle

Vinyl Lure & Jig Paint is an extremely hard, fast drying finish used by many lure manufacturers. It may be applied by dipping, brushing, or spraying. Stir paint well before using. Do not smoke or use around sparks or open flame. Use with adequate ventilation.

Please Note: The "thickness" of vinyl paint, especially glow and pearl colors, may vary significantly due to the pigments added. Barlow's recommends that you purchase vinyl paint thinner to adjust the paint to the desired thickness.

Directions: Coat Jig Heads with White Base Coat which does the bonding to the metal. Apply paint to obtain desired finish. White finish may require 2 coats. Most colors only require 1 coat. Each coat will dry to the touch in about 10 minutes and may be re-coated. To speed drying, hang jigs in a heated area with temperatures not to exceed 130 degrees. Keep air moving with a fan and exhaust escaping solvent fumes.

Fluorescent colors dry flat so for that “Quality” look, use Clear Gloss for the final coat. Always use a white Base Coat under Fluorescent Colors.

*NOTE - USPS postal regulations do not permit this item to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Internationally. Note: White Base Coat and White Paint are the same.