1Lb. Bottle - Pro-Tec Powder Paint Glow Colors

Pro-Tec Paints

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Powder Paint is an epoxy paint in a powder form. The paint is cured by a heat cycle. Basic procedure is to dip a heated item (jig head) into the powder. The heat causes a layer of powder to adhere to the item and flow into a smooth, hard coating. Additional instructions are provided in the Barlow's Catalog.

Powder Paints will settle and pack slightly over time. Shake or mix Powder Paint before using.
Powder paint is packaged by weight not volume. Each color is a different weight so each bottle will be filled to a different level. All bottles will have at least 1Lb. of paint in it.

Please Note: The final color of some of the powder paints do not look like the color that they are in the bottle. The heat curing process makes them change color to the appropriate final color.