Powder Paint Fluid Bed

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Warning-Prop-65 Warning

Powder Paint Fluid Beds are the most popular method for precise powder painting. The fluid bed consists of a 3" diameter by 3" deep powder cup, the base that contains the air chamber and regulator and an air pump. The fluid bed suspends the powder paint on a column of slow moving air. When the heated item to be painted is suspended in the powder paint the result is a beautiful, thin uniform coat of paint. Spare paint cups with lids are available. Direction included with this product. Stardust paint will not work in this fluid bed.

How To Use The Powder Paint Fluid Bed
1. Fluid Bed use only clean dry air.
2. Keep air pump away from powder dust so the filter on air pump doesn't become clogged and restrict air flow.
3. Regulate air to bring powder to a slight boil.
(Too much air flow will result in excessive dust.)
4. Dip preheated part into fluidized powder and remove at once.
5. If powder smokes, the part is to hot.
6. Powder should finish melting within several seconds after the part is removed from powder.
7. To change powder color, empty excess power into a container for future use.
8. Vacuum out cup and add new color.