Vibrating Blade Lure

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Popular lure for all types of game fish. Blades are brass and are available in plain brass finish for painting or bright nickel plated to use as a finished lure. Die cut adhesive tape is available in several colors. Treble or double hooks can be used on the lure.

The list of components below is what we used to make the sample lure in the picture above. There are many different parts that can be used. To find the components below simply type the number in the search box and search.

5/8oz. Lure Component Suggestions   3/8oz. Lure Component Suggestions
Item Description   Stock
Item Description
405956 3D Adhesive Lure Eyes - 3/16"   405955 3D Adhesive Lure Eyes - 5/32"
410043 #3 Split Ring   410043 #3 Split Ring
428186 #4 Treble Hook   428185 #6 Treble Hook
428176 #4 Double Hook   428175 #6 Double Hook