Turbo Buzz Blades

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A Large Aluminum Buzz Blade with a center cut-out for placement of a secondary blade. The Turbo Buzz Blade really kicks up the water.

The Turbo Blade can be used in 2 configurations: 1) as a single blade Buzz Bait, or 2) with a 1/8 oz. 4 wing plastic Buzz Blade in the cut-out. Use Turbo Blades on 3/8 oz. or larger heads.

If you are building Turbo Buzz Baits with Secondary Blades, specific components must be used for the secondary blade to center properly in the cut-out. Plastic Center Blade Stock #402841, 5/32 Hollow Beads Stock #410202 or 410207, Rivet Stock #402855.

( in Inches )
( in Inches )
1.8 2.1