Mustad Jig Hooks Style 32833NP-BN Sizes 10 - 2/0

$5.96 - $188.00
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90 degree jig hook, 2X strong, short eye, aberdeen style,
forged, round bend ultra point, black nickel finish.

The Mustad 32833 hook is specifically designed for salmon and steelhead fishing. It is a very strong hook available in small sizes. The eye of the hook is shorter than comparable aberdeen hooks to produce more point exposure and more hookups. This hook will fit the Do-It molds STL-6-A and SRH-6-A but only down to a size 4. Other molds that us a 90 degree hook would probably need to be modified to use this shorter eye hook.

Wire Dia.
10 0.025"
8 0.027"
6 0.031"
4 0.034"
2 0.037"
1 0.041"
1/0 0.043"
2/0 0.047"