Do-It Essentials Two Penny Twintail Mold - 4"

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474012 / TPT-2-40
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The Twintail grub may be responsible for more walleye dinners than any other plastic out there. Do-IT improved upon this age old bait by segmenting and bulking up the body while ribbing and thinning down the tail to maximize action. These tails move! Not to mention, it serves as a great jig trailer for bass fishermen. The Two Penny Twintail comes in 4” length but can easily be shortened to custom fit a jig. Let the fish give you their two cents worth while you give them a mouthful of the Two Penny Twintail. Mold contains 2, 4" cavities.

*PLEASE NOTE - Do-it Essentials molds should be used with a liquid plastic injector for best results.