Do-It CNC Tango Tube Mold

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The 4" Tango Tube mold pours ribbed tube baits that are perfect for rigging with a tapered tube skirt jig internally, or rigging texposed on a worm hook.   The ribbed body of the tube is perfect for adding and holding scent and gives the bait a slow fall, unique action, and added vibration that set it apart from other tubes.

Tube molds require the use of a spline and a tube insert.  The spline makes the skirt and the tube insert makes the tube body hollow.  These items are sold seperatly and are available in the Drop Box above.  The spline fits like a glove and there is no flashing. There are three splines to choose from.  The standard spline has 18 strand, the spike spline has 15 Strands, and the squiggle spline has 6 strands.  This mold will accept all 3 spline inserts and will accept tube inserts up to 1.75".

There are multiple lengths of tube inserts available so you can customize the thickness of the head.