Do-It CNC Smokin' Shad Mold

$66.00 - $72.00
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Mold Style:
Mold Type:
Swim Bait
These molds are extremely easy to shoot and produces a great bait.  The action is awesome.  The baits rock gently back and forth while the tail dances from side to side.
The 3.75" Smokin' Swim is 5/8" at it's tallest and just under 1/2" at it's widest.  The 4.75" Smokin' Shad is 3/4" at it's tallest and just over 1/2" at it's widest.   Both molds have a hook slot and they taper to a traditional swim bait boot tail.  The eyes are recessed allowing them to be glued in, or put in place and dipped in clear plastic.

We recommend using 8 mm eyes for both baits.

Both Molds are Single Cavity Injection Molds.