International Shipping

Barlow's minimum international shipment is $100 U.S. in merchandise. 

Shipping cost are additional and will be added to the order total after
Barlow's has processed the order and it is packed and ready to be shipped.

If you have a question about international shipping costs please ask before placing an order. 

International orders are shipped by United States Postal Service ( USPS ) "Priority Mail International". Most orders are shipped in "Flat Rate" boxes where shipment size and weight permits as this is usually the least expensive and fastest priority shipping method. USPS shipping confirmation is sent to the e-mail address on the order. This confirmation includes the tracking number on the order. Please make sure e-mail addresses on orders are current and correct. We do not make any sea/land shipments. Shipping costs are determined by destination and weight of shipment.We cannot estimate shipping cost based on order value. A $100 shipment of molds is much heavier than a $100 shipment of fly tying materials.

Below are example shipping cost.  The prices below are only examples and are subject to change at any time without notice. The amounts on the left side below are for shipments that go by weight that do not fit into a "Flat Rate" box. The prices on the right side, in Red,are prices of shipments that will fit into a "Flat Rate" box. We will ship which ever one is less expensive but remember that "Flat Rate" boxes are limited by size. The 2 and 3 pound estimate columns are estimates for "First Class" shipping not Priority Mail.

An international processing fee of $10 is added to the shipping costs.
The prices below DO NOT include this $10 fee.

Amounts are in U.S. Dollars.

These prices are only estimates and may be different depending
on the final destination within your respective country.

Country 2Lbs. 3Lbs. 5Lbs. 10Lbs. 15Lbs. Medium
Flat Rate
Flat Rate
Australia $24 $35 $70 $96 $123 $82 $104
Brazil $24 $39 $62 $82 $103 $72 $95
Canada $17 $26 $52 $68 $84 $49 $65
England $24 $38 $72 $88 $105 $72 $95
$24 $38 $60 $77 $90 $72 $95
France $24 $38 $60 $77 $90 $72 $95
Japan $24 $35 $67 $86 $98 $74 $97
South Africa $24 $37 $76 $106 $137 $78 $102
South Korea $33 $45 $67 $84 $102 $74 $97
Thailand $24 $39 $67 $86 $108 $74 $97
**NOTE: These rates are only estimates and may change without notice.
Rates updated June 2019.


International Shipping Notes:

Payment: Amounts are in U.S. Dollars. Amounts do not include any duties, taxes or insurance.

Duties, Taxes and
Import Fees
All duties, taxes and import fees are the responsibility of the customer and may be collected at the time of package arrival. Most countries have some form of these fees. Barlow's does not know what fees each country charges.If you would like to know what fees your country charges please call your local post office or customs office.

Non-Shippable Items: International postal regulations do not allow us to ship any liquids or materials in pressurized containers. These are items like paint or liquid plastic for making worms.

Shipping Weight: We limit the weight of any international package to 30 pounds. If a shipment weighs more than 30 pounds it will be shipped in multiple boxes and the shipping costs adjusted accordingly.

Customs Declarations:  U.S. Customs Forms are on the outside of each package. As a policy we will not identify any international shipments as "SAMPLES" of "GIFT". We also will not indicate a shipment value less than the actual value. Value on the customs forms will be the value of the merchandise only excluding any shipping costs.

Custom Regulations: We have no knowledge of the custom regulations and restrictions for individual countries. We recommend that you contact your local customs office if you think there may be customs restrictions on any of the items you want to purchase. We are not responsible for any replacement, re-shipment or refund for any materials seized by local customs officials. Information on the materials contained in or used in the manufacture of any item is limited to what is on the package labels, in our catalog or on our web site. Additional information is not available.

Invoices: Shipping invoices are included with any shipment. Information on the invoices includes: our name and address, ship to information, item identification by stock number and description, quantities and prices.

Shipment Tracking: All international shipments are sent by First Class mail or USPS Priority Mail International. USPS shipping confirmation is sent to the e-mail address on the order. This confirmation includes the tracking information of the shipment. Please make sure the e-mail address is current and correct. Tracking and numerical identification for the shipment is available to the point where the shipment is delivered to the local customer postal officials and our responsibility for delivery ends at that point. We will be glad to provide tracking information if requested. Usually this tracking information will allow you to track locally to delivery.

Out-of-Stock Items Any items that are "Out-of-Stock" will be removed from the order and will not be charged.  These items will be marked as "Out-of-Stock" on the included invoice and will not be shipped at a later date.