Fat Belly Lure Body Airbrush Stencils - CLOSEOUT

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7 Stencil Kit

These Stencil Kits consist of 7 separate 10 mil, flexible film stencils, with both sides of lure stencil cut out on one sheet.  There is no need to flip the stencil to airbrush either side of the lure, eliminating the concern of wet paint being transferred from the stencil to the lure. 

The stencils in all of these kits are of the same design.  3" Stencils are in the individual style pictures above.

All of the kits contain the following stencil patterns:

3 - Ovals
5 - Lateral Line and Spot
6L - Spotted Lateral Line
7 - X-Ray
8 - Exotic Baitfish
10 - Perch Stripes
51 - Craw