Do-It Finesse Swimbait Head with Screw Loc

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Lead Mold Style:
Keeper/Screw Lock Jig Mold
Warning-Prop-65 Warning

The Finesse Swimbait Head was designed to enhance the key characteristics of finesse swimbaiting that are often attempted but rarely perfected, while eliminating common frustrations within this category of fishing. It's meticulously selected line tie position allows the bait to destabilize on the retrieve, encouraging the natural "head wagging" motion that is desired by prey. While the flared-out fill plates and deep recessed eyes certainly add appeal, their true purpose is to create lift and drag on the retrieve, maintaining a slow, natural, and alluring pace that mature fish often demand.

The Finesse Swimbait Head is housed around the Victory 10111 series, a strong and sharp light wire O'Shaughnessy bend hook, and a favorite amongst many of the top Smallmouth and Finesse Largemouth anglers in the US.

PLEASE NOTE:  We recommend using a release agent with this mold and using harder lead.  Use caution when removing the head from the mold to avoid a loose head on the hook.

Insert Hook
# of Cavities Cavity Sizes (in ounces)
Hook Sizes (per cavity)
Adhesive Eye Size
473540 FST-6-SLA Do-It
Screw Loc
6 3/32 1/8 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8
1/0 2/0 3/0 3/0 4/0 4/0
 1/8" 1/8" 5/32" 5/32" 5/32" 3/16"
 Other Hooks That Will Fit in this Mold.
NA 3/0 3/0 3/0 4/0 - 5/0 4/0 - 5/0
        Mustad 32746 3/0 3/0 - 4/0 3/0 - 4/0 4/0 5/0 NA
No other hooks we carry will fit this mold.