Do-It Essentials Bushi Beetle Mold - 4.2"

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Introducing the warrior that will fight for every bite, the Bushi Beetle! The Do-It Bushi Beetle mold makes 4.2" baits that boast a big fish profile and a wide splayed aggressive kick with minimal movement from the tip of the rod or retrieve of the reel, creating serious drag on the fall or retrieve.

The Bushi Beetle is an excellent choice for flipping or as a trailer on your favorite jig. After rigorous testing by our friends at Do-It, a unique and paramount design was uncovered. Its wide stature and alluring action draws bites, but its thin body and strategically streamlined body shape allow the Bushi Beetle to bust through grass mats and plummet to the biggest bites in the heaviest cover. This creature bait is tailored to big bass. Enjoy creating your ultimate creature bait four at a time in a single top injection format, making your dual injection color combinations fast and easy!

4 Cavity Mold