Do-It CNC 13" Wackm' Worm Open Pour Mold

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Mold Style:
Open Pour
Mold Type:
Warning-Prop-65 Warning

At it's biggest and baddest, this worm measures a whopping 13".  While that may seem like too much worm for most applications, just check out the latest FLW magazine and you'll see it's not only not too much worm, but championships are being won it.

The Wackm' Multi Worm is a 2 cavity mold that produces 4 different size worms.  You can make 9", 10.5", 11.75" or 13" worms.  It's as simple as cutting the worm at the segment you want.  The paddle tail is jointed giving it even more enticing action as it rises up off the bottom and taunts the big girls below.