Createx Airbrush Wicked Flair 6 Paint Set

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Createx Wicked paints are multi-surface, water-based airbrush paints that work great on almost any lure. Wicked Flair colors consist of transparent, pigment shifting pearl colors combined with a durable resin. Flair colors create a color shifting effect when top-coated with a gloss clear coat. Flair colors work best when sprayed over a black or dark base. For best results, allow Flair color paints to rest for 10 to 15 minutes prior to spraying after mixing with reducer/clear gloss. Several coats may be required for desired effects.

Createx Wicked Flair colors should be applied sparingly as a mid-coat color over black or other dark base coats. Spay with a .5mm tip at 25-35 psi for optimum results. Thin with 4011 Reducer for smaller tip sizes and/or lower psi settings. Mix with 4030 Balancing Clear for improved adhesion and durability.

Set Contents
454 - Flair Blue/Violet
455 - Flair Blue/Magenta
456 - Flair Fuchsia/Gold
457 - Flair Blue/Turquoise
458 - Flair Green/Blue
459 - Flair Lemon/Lime