Barlow's Liquid Plastic

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Warning-Prop-65 Warning

If you're pouring your own soft baits, you'll love our liquid plastic. Also known as plastisol, our liquid plastic is available in a range of formulas that are incredibly user-friendly. Our liquid plastic pours crystal clear, and it won't hard pack over time like other plastisols. It can also be maintained at its conversion temperature (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for extended periods of time with minimal discoloration.

Our liquid plastisol has a specific gravity of 8.7 (vs. 8.33 for water), so worms poured with it will have a slow sink in water.

One quart of Barlow's Liquid Plastic will produce approximately 180 6" worms, while one gallon will produce approximately 720 6" worms. Barlow's Liquid Plastic can be used with any of the colors, additives, and molds we offer.

Liquid plastic should always be shaken before use. We recommend shaking your plastisol for 15 to 30 seconds. Following this, allow it to rest for 5 minutes to release any bubbles.

Protective clothing and eyewear should be worn when heating plastisol. Liquid plastic should only be heated in well ventilated areas.