Twistech Magnum Wire Former

$44.95 - $199.95
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The Magnum TwisTech is a high quality, versatile tackle-making tool for building spinners, spreaders, bottom-walkers, spinner-bait forms, and most other wire-based tackle items requiring rounded bends and tightly wrapped eyes. There is virtually no length limit to the wire forms that can be made with the TwisTech because, unlike many other tackle makers, the item being formed is kept outside of the tool’s frame. It can handle stainless steel spring wire up to 0.051 diameter with its machined solid aluminum frame and steel components.  Designed for wire from 0.045" to 0.051".  You can use smaller wire but the loops will be large.  The Magnum TwistTech wire former may be bench mounted with the screws provided or a table top clamp mount accessory is available. The clamp opens to 2". Mounting screws are provided witht he clamp.

The Magnum TwisTech wire former and tackle-maker can easily accommodate hooks, split-rings, or swivels in the loop wrapping process making this a very versatile tool for the serious lure maker yet simple enough for even the occasional tackle hobbyist. It has proven to be such a durable and reliable wire former that even commercial tackle manufacturers use it in everyday production.

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