Raw Steel Willow Blades for Painting/Plating Sizes 1 - 5

$1.65 - $57.17
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Blade Finish:
Blade Surface:

Raw steel blades for painting and plating. Partially polished and cleaned blades. Paint will adhere better to the raw steel blade than to a plated blade. Please review the below specifications carefully, as actual blade sizes vary by manufacturer.

Blade Size Approx. Length
(in Inches)
1 .75
2 1
3 1.2
3.5 1.6
4 1.9
5 2.3

Suggestions for painting raw steel blades:
1. Clean the blades in warm soapy water or a solvent and dry thoroughly.
2. Use a white base coat with transparent or semi-transparent paint.
3. If using spray paint use several thin coats as the paint will build up on the edges of the blade with a heavy coat.
4. We have tried several types of paint (vinyl, electroflect, tamiya) and all are ok. We used both brush and spray and there were some brush lines but they do not appear to be a problem. You may need to experiment with other types of paint.
5. We recommend that you use a clear top coat after the paint has dries thoroughly. We like seal coat, stock # 406121, the best. It has to be brushed on and there will be some brush lines but this didn't seem to be a problem.