Premium Silver Colorado Blades Smooth Finish Sizes 2 - 4

$6.70 - $37.85
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Blade Finish:
Blade Surface:
Warning-Prop-65 Warning

Premium quality silver plated brass spinner blades. Smooth bright finish with a clear lacquer coating to prevent tarnishing. 

*PLEASE NOTE* Blade sizes are not standardized. A size 3 blade from one manufacturer may not be the same length as a size 3 from another. We purchase blades from several manufacturers so we can offer the broadest selection and best prices. Blade lengths for this specific item are provided below.

Blade Size Length
in Inches
in Millimeters
Length in Tenths of
an Inch
Please Note: All lengths are approximate.
2 25/32 20 0.8
3 15/16 23 0.9
4 1 1/4 32 1.25