Painted Shakee Jig Heads - Closed Eye

$5.41 - $107.89
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Closed Eye Shakee Jig Heads replace the Open Eye Shakee Head which is no longer available due to a patent issue. The closed eye will give you a Shakee lure which has the the vibration and action of the open eye lure. It requires the use of a split ring to attach the Shakee Blade to the jig head. The eye and the hook in the jig head are 2 separate pieces molded into the head. Hook is a long shank spinner bait hook and the eye is stainless steel. We recommend a size 3 or 4 regular or heavy duty split ring and a size 2 or 3 duo lock snap for the lure.

1/4oz. Size has a 3/0 hook.
3/8oz. Size has a 4/0 hook.
1/2oz. Size has a 5/0 hook.