Holographic Tinsel

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Warning-Prop-65 Warning
Holographic Tinsel is the most brilliant, reflective material we have ever seen. The wide cut is 1/32" and the narrow cut is 1/69". There are approx. 375 12" strands per bundle. The colors are on one side only with silver on the back side of all colors. The colors are not bold, but are pale, giving a much more desirable effect for fishing lures. We have used this tinsel for fly and jig tying and for Spinner Bait Skirts, Skirt Accents and Jig Accents. This is truly a fantastic material.

Please Note: This product previously was manufactured with the designated color on one side and the back side was silver in color. This product no longer comes this way. This product now comes in the designated color on both sides. Please be aware that there still may be some of the old stock shipped but we cannot guarantee you will get one or the other style.