Do-It Football Weedless Jig Mold Aberdeen Hook Model

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473318 / FBW-4-AF
Lead Mold Style:
Weedless Jig Mold
Warning-Prop-65 Warning

The Football head has gained popularity as a bottom probing jig. The wide shape of this head style prevents it from tipping to the side, so the hook can always remain upright. Line pressure will cause the jig to stand up, poised for a strike. Its broad face helps transmit signals up the line about changes in bottom features.

Please Note: Base hole pins are not provided with this mold due to the small diameter of the fiber weed guard. Base hole pins will not fit in this mold.

Model Number Insert Collar Cavities Cavity Size in Ounces / Hook Sizes
FBW-4-AF FG-12
Ring &
4 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4
3/0 or 4/0

The following hooks will fit this mold:
This mold is designed to accept Aberdeen jig hooks such as the ones listed below.
Nearly any Aberdeen style jig hook may be used in this mold.
Eagle Claw 575 Eagle Claw 570 Mustad 32755