Skirt Umbrellas

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Skirt umbrellas are a small flexible plastic form that will flair the strands on spinner bait and jig skirts to improve the action of the skirt. The skirt is placed onto the stem of the umbrella with the skirt collar into the necked down part of the umbrella. Any excess stem on the umbrella is trimmed off and it is ready to place onto the lure body, stem end first. The cone part of the umbrella will now flair the strands of the skirt.

Skirt umbrellas are clear in color.

Size Approximate
Hole Diameter
Small 9/16" 5/16" 0.075"
Large 3/4" 1/2" 0.130"

1 Review

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    Posted by Chad Jewell on Jan 4th 2020

    If you are like me and have been looking everywhere for the patented collars strike king has on the hack attack swimjigs look no further. This is not the same design as theirs but is the only thing I could find short of contracting with GLC and having them make my skirts. Personally the flare with these cone heads is better in my opinion. Lets just hope they produce as many or more fish this year as the strike king lures have done in the past.